Spirit Circle: Healing Ceremony with Roel Crabbe

Shamanic healing gathering & ceremony

Friday, October 13th, 2023 – Vienna (donation-based)

“There is a great Power in the Universe, and you can use it.” – Ernest Holmes

The Spirit Circle: Healing ceremony with Roel

The world is changing, and there is an enormous impulse for healing happening on the planet. As we are moving through these intense times of transformation, many people feel two strong movements happening simultaneously. On the one hand, there is a strong calling to step forward and anchor more love, healing and light on the planet, and on the other hand, there is an arising of old patterning that long for completion, love and embrace.

During the ‘Spirit Circle’, you can sit directly in ceremony with Roel, who will guide you step by step into bringing healing forward in your life, so you can embody more light, step into your new power, and radiate more love into the world.

Each Spirit Circle is a unique ceremonial gathering to bring in new frequencies of healing

As we surrender to our full potential and inner calling, we are invited to step into our greater power. By attuning our hearts to the essence of our being, we can heal ourselves and bring greater alignment into every aspect of our life.

In this ceremony, Roel invites you to step into your potential and bring healing where it is called for.

  • Learn to bring forward Sacred Space, that is aligned with your essence and the light of your higher self
  • Shamanic healing releases old blockages, frees your body and brings forward your true power
  • Receive healing from being in the powerful connection to the realms of light that are present in Roel his ceremonies.
  • Shamanic healing meditations to deepen your connection with the essence of your being
  • Become immersed in the field of healing that Roel is known for.
  • Learn to attune to healing energy and the realms of inner light
  • Learn how to receive guidance from your connection to the light of the Infinite

An initiation into the new embodiment of healing energy

This ceremonial healing gathering is for those who are called to step forward and surrender to the deep love, peace and light of the soul.

As Roel creates each ceremony from his guidance, every spirit circle is unique but always dedicated to the healing presence of the heart and the light of your soul.

If you feel the call to join Roel in ceremony and step into your power through shamanic ceremony, dance, and healing practices, you can register here below…

A Donation based event

Since Roel wants to make this ceremony available for everyone, to bring healing for those who long for it regardless of their financial situation, this event is donation based. You can give a personal donation from the heart and are invited to fill your donation with love and blessings. The donation suggestion is 30 euros.

Since places are limited and these events fill quickly, please only register if you are completely certain of your participation.

About Roel Crabbé

Roel Crabbé has been practicing shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers. He is personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and shamanic healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of a.o. “Soul Retrieval” & “Medicine for the Earth”

Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and France. His work has been published in publications by, among others, Bres and Change magazine.

You can find his work and that of his colleagues at ShamanicTeachers.com

>>> Read more on Roel Crabbé

Info & Registration

Facilitation: Roel Crabbé
Date: Friday, Oct 13th, 2023
Beginning – End: from 19 hrs until 21 hrs
Location: YEE KUNG center
Address: Mariahilfer Strasse 115 im Hof, 1060 Wien
Language: English Contribution: To make this healing circle available to everyone who feels called, Roel his Spirit Circles are Donation-based (suggestion 30€)
To Bring: Notebook, water bottle, and loose clothing that allow for dancing during the ceremonies.

Registration Form

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