The Soul Retrieval Journey

The Soul Retrieval Journey

Bring lost soul parts back into your life through Soul Healing, Soul Retrieval & Embodiment

Saturday, October 14th & Sunday 15th, 2023 – Yee Kung center – Vienna

“There’s only one cure for all your ailments and that’s you” – Andy Baggot

Bring back lost soul parts under the guidance of a Sandra Ingerman licensed Soul Retrieval teacher.

“Sandra Ingerman’s work on Soul Retrieval created a powerful wave of healing in the Western world. So many people feel that the teaching on Soul Retrieval confirm a deep wisdom they have always felt in their heart: that the soul can be healed and restored.
Sandra trained thousands of people worldwide in facilitating Soul Retrieval ceremonies, bringing an enormous gift to our world.

I started training with her in 2004 and was authorized by her to teach all her healing modalities. In this weekend workshop, we will focus on Soul healing and Soul retrieval ceremony to restore and nurture the essence of our being and bring positive change in our lives. I look forward to sharing this powerful gift with you.” – Roel


Bring back the lost soul-parts into your life

In this workshop, we enter the work of Soul Retrieval, and you learn to make Soul Retrieval work part of your life. Soul Retrieval is used by shamans worldwide to help heal the soul and bring new strength.

This workshop teaches you to bring the principles of Soul Retrieval, Soul Healing and Soul Embodiment into your life. This is a powerful aspect of the shamanic path that teaches you to embody more of your soul in your day-to-day life to bring about powerful transformation.

Soul Retrieval Journey: Return to the fullness of your soul & Embrace lost soul parts back into your life

This workshop is an in-depth journey into the dimensions of your soul, with great emphasis on working with Soul Calling ceremonies and Soul Retrieval rituals to deepen your personal relationship with the aspects of your soul.

You learn to invite lost soul parts back through ceremony, soul-calling ritual & meditation.


The Soul Retrieval Journey is for people who want to live life fully from the soul and consciously want to empower their path with shamanic techniques, energy work and healing.

This workshop is set up so that people without experience in working with the shamanic journey can also participate.

Heal the wound of Loss of Soul.

We all know the feeling of not being complete, and many of us, through illness, trauma, or emotional shock, feel that a part of us is not there.

From the shaman’s point of view, this is called soul loss.

Shamanism is deeply rooted in the personal and direct experience of the dimensions of soul and spirit.

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In this intensive workshop we work on restoring the delicate relationship with the soul and living a fulfilled life so that you can stand back in your full power and live your destiny.

You learn to perform Soul Retrieval ceremonies to call back your lost soul parts.

Start to live from the wholeness of your soul and no longer from separation

Through ritual, healing work and guided shamanic meditations you will learn how to work in the dimensions of your soul and embody it’s healing qualities.


Roel will teach you step by step how to strengthen your energy body and enliven your soul qualities.

This is a powerful shamanic process where you are literally stepping into the power of your soul.

Soul Retrieval: The Healing, Returning, Integration and Embodiment of Soul. 

You will learn to work with:

Soul Healing: Healing in the dimension of the soul

  • The healing language of the soul and how to understand and follow it.
  • Learn to work with rituals and healing techniques to remove limiting structures in the energetic field and ancestral line: the path to deeper freedom.
  • Learn to work with your Soul’s Allies, the Ancestral Field, and helping spirits from nature.

Soul Retrieval: Learn the ceremonies and rituals to call back lost soul-parts.

  • What is Soul-loss and how to prevent it.
  • Learn how to recognize and integrate the frequencies of soul.
  • Work with Soul Calling ceremonies: Inviting lost soul parts through ceremony, meditation and the inner journey.
  • Soul Retrieval integration and soul growth.

Soul Embodiment: Embodying soul

  • Learn shamanic methods to listen to the soul’s blueprint and its message and guidance.
  • Work with transformation rituals for empowerment and embodiment of soul qualities and your full potential.
  • How to create portals of potential by working with the energy of your essence.
  • How to work with the field of synchronicity and soul guidance.

The Soul Retrieval Journey is focused on practical shamanism, with a focus on healing and working with transformation rituals. Your choice to live life to the fullest is the foundation of this work.

You will work intensively with your  healing and strengthening your embodiment of soul and creative power.

Soul Retrieval Journey is an act of love for life, yourself and the world.

Conditions for participation:

This workshop is an experiential shamanic workshop and not psychotherapeutic work. This weekend is intended for people who want to explore this aspect of the soul and have a healthy inner balance.

>>> Important: This is NOT a training in how to perform Soul Retrieval healing for others or a private session in which you receive Soul Retrieval healing. In this workshop you will learn how to call back lost soul parts for yourself through ceremony, meditation and energy work and how to activate the power of Soul Retrieval in your life. So you get the tools to bring the gift of the Soul Retrieval journey in your own life.

People who want to follow the Soul Retrieval practitioner training (this is a training of 6 days) can find this in the 2-year Shamanic Practitioner training.

About Roel Crabbé

Roel Crabbé has been practicing shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers. He is personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and shamanic healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of a.o. “Soul Retrieval” & “Medicine for the Earth”

Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and France. His work has been published in publications by, among others, Bres and Change magazine.

You can find his work and that of his colleagues at

>>> Read more on Roel Crabbé

Info & Registration

Facilitation: Roel Crabbé
Date: Saturday, Oct 14th & Sunday, Oct 15th, 2023
Beginning – end: The workshop will continue from 10 am to approximately 6.30 pm.
Please ensure that you are at the Center at the latest at 9.45 am.
Location: YEE KUNG center
Address: Mariahilfer Strasse 115 im Hof, 1060 Wien
Language: English Contribution: 225€ (incl. tuition, tea and drinks, and snacks)
Early bird discount: 195€ (when you register and pay one month in advance).
Special discount:  if you join both the Shamanic Journey Course (7&8 October) and the Soul Retrieval Journey (14 & 15 October(, you pay only 375 euros

To Bring: writing and drawing materials, blindfold or scarf and rattle. If possible, a shamanic drum.

Registration Form

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