Shamanic Practitioner Training – Starts September 2023

For Inspiration: Ancestral Healing Song

All voices & instruments by Roel Crabbé

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Two-year Shamanic Practitioner training

“There is only one medicine for all your ailments and that is you” –  Andy Baggott

Receive in-depth training in shamanic healing

This 2-year course is specifically aimed at people who want to develop their own, clien-oriented work with shamanic healing to become competent, trained shamanic practitioners.

The training includes:

  • All trainings according to the lineage of Sandra Ingerman.
  • An intensive process of Initiation rituals, natural rituals, energy work,…
  • Intensive guidance in working with clients.

New 2 year Dutch training: starts Sept 17th 2023

The next Shamanic Practitioner Training will be in DUTCH, fall all information, click here. If you are interested in an English version, please let us know in the form at the bottom of the page. This training will take place in Le Bois du Compte in Orval (Belgium).

In-depth Training in Shamanic Healing

The training consists of 6 residential modules of 6 days in which healing work as well as personal transformation and shamanic initiation are central.

Each of these modules is built as a vital training that brings you deeper and deeper into working with shamanic healing, as well as deepening your personal relationship with the spirit world and your role as a healer.

This intensive and in-depth training is meant for people who feel fully called to the shamanic path and have the willingness to embrace the fullness of this path. The training is aimed at actively working with clients and making the power of healing available to others. It is a call to share the gift of shamanic healing healing in these times of great transformation, starting in your own life.

But it is also a succession of initiation and transformation that, according to shamanic tradition, is the core of the shaman’s path.

Why a 2-year program instead of separate modules?

Unlike most colleagues, Roel does not provide shamanic healing work in separate modules. In conversation with Sandra Ingerman (photo) she shared that, when practitioners follow separate training sessions, they often have a fragmented view on shamanic healing work and this does not benefit the clients. She emphasized how valuable and important it is to offer in-depth training.

That is why Roel set up a 2-year program, in which every student after each new module, works for three months with the learned material, receives supervision and deepens the practice. This also gives the opportunity to learn how to work in a private setting, so that each practitioner develops his or her own form and can find his/her own voice in bringing the work to the community.

Comprehensive Shamanic Healing Training

Roel was personally trained and authorized by Sandra Ingerman to teach all practitioner trainings of her lineage. All these workshops are integrated in this 2-year practitioner training. You will receive an in-depth training of top format.

In addition, Roel will also share specific work that is typical of his way of working and you take part in various initiation rituals. You work with in depth shamanic healing, onenness-work, curse-unravelment, depossession, creating ceremony, ceremonial work in nature, etc ….

This makes this training one of the most comprehensive, client-oriented training courses available.

You will receive following training:

Energy body training

  • Work with the energy body, vitality and energetic power.
  • Learn how to work with your breath, physical activity, sound, focus & intent.

Extraction of Illness & Power Retrieval

  • The removal of unwanted energies and blockages.
  • Transformation of energy.
  • Work with the spirits of healing.
  • Retrieval of power, essential energy and blessing.

Medicine for the Earth & Healing with Spiritual Light

  • Learn to work with Sandra Ingerman’s method for healing the Earth.
  • Work with Transfiguration method.
  • Work with spiritual light for healing, guiding and transformation.

Death & Dying – Psychopomp work & working with dying people

  • Learn the psychopomp work: literally ‘guiding souls’
  • Work with the spiritworld during the dying proces and transition.
  • How the soul travels, which spirits help you.

Soul Retrieval (5 days)

This training is based on Sandra’s books’ Soul Retrieval – Mending the fragmented Self ‘and’ Welcome Home: Following your Soul’s Journey Home.

This 5 day has been developed to teach you how to deal with soul loss, to explore how the experience of soul loss as a result of trauma or illness works, and to learn how you and your client can trace his soul and bring back this vital essence.

An important part of this is how we can embed this in our contemporary culture, how to work with healing stories. But also you will also learn how to do Soul Retrieval for others.

Depossession, Deconditioning & Curse Unravelment

  • Learn to help wandering souls.
  • Healing of negative and limiting beliefs and conditioning.
  • Unraveling ancestral conditioning and unfavorable energetic patterns.

Transformation rituals

  • Learn how you can release heavy energies through ceremony or help others transform heavy energy into light energy.
  • Personal initiations in working with transformation and healing
  • Working with nature and elements for transformation.
  • Experiencing intensive initiation rituals in nature.

Gates of Spirit

Shamans are able, through intent and ceremony, to create gates to pure spirit for themselves and others. You will receive training and experience in working with your focus and presence and experience these gates yourself.

Working with the Spirit of Nature

  • Nature is often called ‘the visible face of Spirit’. Through rituals and time in nature you will deepen your own connection with nature and spirit.
  • Receive profound ceremonies to help you confirm your place of shamanic practioner.

Unity work & the path of the Bodhisattva

  • Learn how to work with the affirmative prayer as a path of creation.
  • Visioning the highest vision for yourself and clients.
  • Cultivation of the path of compassion.
  • Active ceremonies to abolish collective suffering.

The path to shamanic practitioner

This intensive training is only for dedicated students in shamanism and healing.

The first year the focus is on developing your state as a ‘hollow channel’ for the spirits and power. Ceremony, transformation rituals, working with the energy body and a basis in shamanic healing are central.

The second year the focus is on deepening your work with shamanic healing, advanced techniques and deeper initiation.

Each year consists of:

  • 3 intensive residential 6-day modules per year (Full board at location.)
    The 2nd year consists of 3 modules.
  • Between each module there is 1 group webinar in which Roel will teach. As a participant you will also have access to the recordings.
  • Homework in which you yourself get started with the material learned and with personal ceremony.
  • Exchange healing and rituals with fellow students and clients, so that you learn to work independently with the spirits and the healing work.

Requirements for participation (please do NOT register if you can not comply):

  • Completion of the Shamanic Journeying training (If you did not follow the Shamanic Journeying Course with Roel but followed a training elsewhere in working with the trance journey, you can request the possibility to participate below.)
  • Experience with Roel’s way of working (minimum 3 full workshopdays).
  • Being able to be present on all modules (residential stay).
  • Willingness to dedication and focus to the shamanic path (making homework, exchange with fellow-students, working with clients and supervision documents, work in nature, focused participation).
  • Please note: this is an intensive and challenging training: dedication and surrender to the practice are necessary to participate.

How to apply:

  • If you meet the above requirements, you can make your request using the form below.
  • After receiving your application, we will send you further instructions for your registration through personal motivation letters and an intake interview.
  • Requesting participation via the form below does not mean that you can participate in the Practitioner Training.

Video for inspiration: Sandra Ingerman about the Shamanic Journey

In this video Sandra Ingerman talks about her experience with the shamanic journey and also shares insights about the challenges that the practitioner of shamanism encounters on the path.

About Roel Crabbé

Roel Crabbé has been practicing shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers. He is personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and shamanic healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of a.o. “Soul Retrieval” & “Medicine for the Earth”

Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and France. His work has been published in publications by, among others, Bres and Change magazine.

You can find his work and that of his colleagues at

>>> Read more on Roel Crabbé

  • Info & Registration
  • Testimonials

Facilitation: Roel Crabbé
Dates: Year 1 (2023-2024)

  • MODULE 1: 2023 Tue SEPT 27th (17.30h) until Sun OCT 1st (16h)
  • MODULE 2: 2024 Tue JAN 30th (17.30h) until Sun FEB 4th (16h)
  • MODULE 3: 2024 Tue APRIL 30th (17.30h) until Sun MAY 5th (16h)

Dates Year 2 (2024 – 2025)

  • MODULE 4: 2024 Tue SEPT 10th (17.30h) until Sun 15th (16h)
  • MODULE 5: 2025 Tue JAN 21st (17.30h) until Sun 26th (16h)
  • MODULE 6: 2025 Tue MAY 6th until Sun MAY 11th (16h)

+ 5 Conference call in between each module

Location: Stay is at the beautiful “Ferme du Bois le Compte (Belgium)”. All food is organic and vegan. Stay is in shared rooms. Private rooms are with extra cost (availability limited)

Aplication: For all information and registration for the DUTCH edition (2023-2024): click here.

To stay updated for the INTERNATIONAL edition (2025-2026), fill in the form below.

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“When I came for the basic weekend with Roel and Griet, I felt in the first words Roel spoke that his work is pure, so I didn’t doubt and registered for the two-year course and it was a good choice.

During the training I felt how I became stronger, I felt love and unity with all that is and by building close contact with the Spirits my path became crystal clear: guiding children and being a channel for children who do not express themselves through language but communicate through the heart.

This is what I am doing here on Earth and thanks to this training I have dared to take the necessary steps and I now guide children. It is a step in strength and love to be a channel in this world for pure light work.

Infinitely grateful for all teachings, all words of strength and love and guidance in pure lightwork I walk my path in this world. I like to share the mantra that Spirit gave me during the last module of the course as a gift for this world:

I thank you
We Thank you
I love you
We love you
A world of light beyond words” Silvia Dello “With so many questions in my heart, my expectations were high when I was admitted as a student of the Shamanic Practitioner training.

All modules were fascinating from everyone’s point of view: the ceremonies, the travels, the many healing exchanges, the wonder, too many to mention. Not only the bond with the beautiful group but certainly the strong connection with spirit began to reveal itself further.

Roel’s transfer filled endless sheets with a richness that is always a true gift to read back. I began to experience my notes as an inexhaustible ‘guide to development’. This whole process brought me deep into my life, in nature, in the nurturing of all that is dear to me.

And then came the healing work: The sessions at home became more and more intense as the training progressed. The seed was planted and began to grow through all the light and love that I received and flowed through me. The joy in the eyes of the client when an old wound was healed. And I may be a part of that … a miracle. My senses are full open, the path is inviting to me but also in me …. to my heart.

After this deep journey with this beautiful group of people, I can now give this powerful healing work to others. Endlessly grateful.”

Johan Fontijn “The practitioner training has been a powerful immersion in shamanism for me and led me to the real healing work.

During these 2 years I have grown enormously and am now much more aware of my path. The techniques provided, enriched with the sharing of your practical experiences, have given me the confidence to develop and refine my own healing work, which I can now give to others.

The experience of being included in a close, supportive group of fellow practitioners is also fantastic!”

Gerda “For me, the most difficult part of the training was taking the step to sign in. What followed was a deep homecoming in a course in miracles, a miracle in changing perception and the wonder of this deep healing work.

It is quite clear that the supervisors live what they share, which is so important to me: embody what you teach.

In those 2 years I learned so much healing work and I trained between the modules with a lot of people. The training not only gave me the training and strength to bring healing work into the world, everything became lighter and I became more myself, which for me is the core of shamanism.

Because of the love of the circle and the cooperation with the spirits, the will grew to put this powerful healing work into the world and it is incredible to see what this can mean for people. I am so grateful for this.”

Jerry Aerts “The training brought me so much more than a deep immersion in shamanic healing, during which I underwent tremendous transformations, not only have I discovered the love for myself, I have also been able to encourage myself, thanks to the help of the group, to finally solve my long-standing alcohol addiction. The love and close friendship of the group, with which I have been connected for 2 years, is indescribable and has helped me in all aspects of my life.

Shamanism is not just some techniques, it is a way of life that, once you live it, you will keep doing so for the rest of your life!

Roel clearly has all the knowledge of this work in house and guided us in a pleasant and expert manner through ever deeper layers of the healing work that I can now share with others. Thank you Roel for this wonderful journey that we made together and will undoubtedly continue much longer. In love and light. “

Monique Culenaire “The training for Shamanic Practioner has taught me to work actively and methodically in guiding people to wholeness.

At the same time I consciously made, evading more and ‘do not do’ part of my work. My trust and connection with my essence has grown enormously, so that my internal critic has less control over me. Because of this I have found much more peace in my work and life.

A deep trust in life and spirits, and still a source of joy in my life.

Coming home in a group of healers who move mountains together, with and for each other, my heart still warms up every day.

Thanks Roel for this turning point in my life. “

Ingrid Blommaert
http: //www.ingridblommaert


“I sought the courage and support to the wonderful shamanic healing work that I own so much, to integrate more in my thriving psychotherapy practice.

I did this during the practitioner training. By embracing the diversity of the group and experiencing the strength of the group energy with which we have moved mountains, I was able to anchor my professional healing work even more in my life. I have experienced what I am capable of by enthusiastically working with the provided techniques, both during the training days and beyond, and by daring to develop my own unique form of this magnificent work.

I have seen the greatness of Spirit, in me, in others. This allows me to bring clients even more deeply into contact with their own strength and grandeur, so that they are ready to make the world a more beautiful place. “

Carolien Peeters


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