As this pandemic started, I made a commitment to do weekly Live-sessions to support my students. Immediately these gatherings became powerful moments where we could come together and reconnect to our heart and the circle.

After a few weeks I started getting requests from outside my group of students, of people wanting to join. And so I started doing weekly sessions for the wider community too. Within a few weeks, thousands of people signed up.

This 36 minute Transfiguration Meditation is an excerpt from the 1 1/2hr live streaming session on Transfiguration. In this meditation we work with a transfiguration-healing method, coming from the wonderful work of Sandra Ingerman. I have been training with Sandra since 2004 and Transfiguration has most definitely brought all my healing work to a different level. I have been teaching transfiguration in my groups since 2005.

In the transfigured state, heavy energies and blockages, dissolve and are transmuted. Apart from doing a transfiguration journey for ourselves, we will also do a transfiguration journey for the world. I would love to read what this meditation has brought you!

(if you feel called, you can join the upcoming free live-streams on the Healing Meditations page)

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