Sacred Burial Ritual

Toltec Earth’s Embrace Ritual

Residential 4-day Shamanic Intensive

Thursday, August 22th – Sun, August 25th, 2024 – Orval (Belgium)

“Shamanism is a path of direct revelation, from personal experience, connection, and power. There is no sideline. Earth is a fundamental teacher, she heals, reveals, and transforms. Her power is there for everyone who is willing to receive it. This time asks us to remember and walk upon the path of the Earth renewed.” – Roel Crabbé

This is an in-depth initiation ritual with enormous potential. What Earth will bring you on this night of ceremony and embrace is something that cannot be expressed in words. You will walk the path of mystery and the ancient path of healing. – Roel Crabbé.

The Ancient Tradition of 'Earth's Embrace'

The Sacred Burial found in Toltec and African traditions, but this powerful ritual exists worldwide. The ritual of the Sacred Burial is an ancient tradition that has been used for many centuries for healing, renewal, and transformation, as a Vision Quest or rite of passage.

Roel is one of only a handful of people trained to facilitate a Toltec Sacred Burial ritual in Europe. He will be guiding this powerful ritual for the fifth time since 2008. Currently, he holds a Toltec Burial ceremony every two years. (The other year he runs the Vision Quest in the South of France).

This is an intense authentic initiation ritual very few people get to encounter. If the deep mystery of Earth, its teaching and healing powers call to you, we welcome you to join us in this ancient tradition.

Ancient, life-changing ritual of transformation

In the Sacred Burial ritual, you dig your own grave, where you will spend a night of darkness, silence, surrender and prayer.

It is an authentic ritual of stillness, transformation and deep communion with the spirit of the Earth.

The Sacred Burial is for people who are called to connect further and deeper with the healing power of the Earth or want to use this intensive transformation ritual as a Vision Quest.

    Mother Earth is filled with healing powers and spending a night in the embrace of her deep healing power was recognized by ancient traditions as a strong, transforming discipline. The Earth carries endless magic and grace within it.

    The Sacred Burial ritual is for those who want to listen deeply to her messages and open themselves to her profound healing.

    The Sacred Burial teaches:

    • Recovering your true power through surrender and openness.
    • Opening yourself to a deeper and more harmonious relationship with the Earth.
    • Releasing inner resistance, negative thought patterns, and negative energies that block you from living your true potential through humility and surrender that are vital in this ceremony.
    • Returning to stillness as a gateway to the dimension of the heart and soul.
    • Opening to the embrace of the Earth and her lessons of silence and healing.

    An initiation that is not for everyone

    It is important to note that this ritual is not for everyone. The Burial is for those who are willing to release the grasp of ego, fear and control and open on a deeper level. We will guide you through the necessary inner preparation to fully open yourself to the voice of nature and to release the perception of boundaries, so you can be fully embraced by the healing spirits. Focus, silence of mind and surrender are key.

    Preparing for powerful ritual

    During the preparation period, you will work with several methods of the Toltec tradition, fire ceremony, work in nature, meditations and silence. These preparations will guide you into deeper and deeper openness and give you access to inner silence. You will work with your connection to Mother Earth, the powers of nature, and allowing the embrace of life’s mystery to teach you about your true potential.


    During this time you can focus on what is important for you at this moment in your life.

    When we go into the Earth, we go with clear intention and surrender.

    This ritual is only for those who are ready. This will open the door to the soul and carry you into new realms.

    If you are dedicated to the path and are ready for this initiation into the Wisdom of the Earth, Roel and Griet welcome you and will guide you and keep wacht over you during the entire ritual and your night in the Earth’s Embrace.

    This workshop is limited to a small group of participants, so sign up early. Knowing Roel’s work method as well as the willingness to surrender to working in silence and on inner preparation are requirements for participation.

    If you are interested but you have no prior experience with Roel’s guidance, or you have some personal questions, you can always contact him through the contact page. He will contact you to discuss your participation via Zoom.

    Held in the pristine nature of Orval, in the South of Belgium, the ritual is performed with the utmost care and in accord with the spirits of nature. Together we will make sure that the site that is taking care of us will be left behind in pristine condition.

    About Roel Crabbé

    Roel Crabbé has been practicing shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers.

    He is personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and shamanic healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of a.o. “Soul Retrieval” & “Medicine for the Earth”

    Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and France. His work has been published in publications by, among others, Bres and Change magazine.

    You can find his work and that of his colleagues at

    >>> Read more on Roel Crabbé

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    “Roel Crabbe is a powerfully talented shamanic teacher, musician, and deeply creative innovator in our field. His ceremonies, healing modalities, and therapies are one-of-a-kind and profoundly transformative. His many gifts and strengths make him exceptional, and he is a true stand-out among his peers.”

    Jane Burns

    –author of, “Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook”

    “Roel’s commitment and passion for supporting people to connect to spirit is a true blessing for this world. His soulful songs evoke ancient healing and open the portals between the worlds. When he creates ceremony, you can truly feel the presence of the loving, healing ancestors and spirits. This is powerful work!”

    Chetna Lawless

    –shamanic teacher and transmitter of the Colour Rays

    “The teachers who have impacted my life in the most profound way have all had a number of qualities in common: compassion, intelligence, and integrity. Above all they, they walked their talk. In other words, they lived their lives from their principles. In my experience, Roel Crabbe has the qualities that set apart a true teacher in abundance. The Sufis call their teachers Spiritual Friends; I believe you could find no better Spiritual Friend than Roel.”

    Peggy Dylan

    –founder of Sundoor School of Transformation

    Info & Registration

    Facilitation: Roel Crabbé
    Dates 2024: Thursday, August 22th – 18u, till Sunday, August 25 – 16.30 u
    Language: Dutch, with translation into English
    Location: Bois le Comte te Orval (South of Belgium)
    Contribution: 479 euro course + 196 euro accommodation
    Included is board and stay in 3 or 4 person rooms, and organic-vegan meals. 1 or 2 person rooms can be booked as long as available, and at an extra cost.
    To Bring: A list of what to bring will be sent to you 1 month prior to the workshop.

    Please only sign up if you are certain of your participation.

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    Please indicate if you have participated in Roel's programs and have experience with his way of working.*
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    “I am so happy that I am in tears. I am not able to do something, I can only be.
    I am new in this world and I look with eyes full of wonder. I have so much energy that I can only lie down on the earth and connect. I am the life in this body and my body is strong and powerful. This is who I really am and I am everything.
    I am so thankful for the wisdom, the healing and the love of the earth. I am so grateful for the process of the Sacred Burial, I am so thankful for Roel and Griet, for your love and devotion”

    Penny Hamelton

    I am very grateful that we went deeper and deeper into silence during the days of preparation. This made me strong enough to experience such a night in full surrender.
    The whole night I felt carried and guided in my deep process of rejuvenation, transformation and surrender.
    Now, after a few months, when there is a storm around me, I can easily go back to the silence deep within!
    That is just indescribable and that experience is just getting stronger and stronger!
    It is by far my most beautiful experience ever!!!
    May all the good light your path!

    Luc Vanwelden

    “The Sacred Burial, what a beautiful gift! The simplicity, the love, the caring and most of all, the power you place in each of us…
    I felt safely protected in the Great Mother, as if a new life energy began to trickle in, that whispered to me: it is okay to be who you really are, LIVE, follow the call of your heart, feel the love that has always been there, look with the eyes of the soul and see the abundance…
    And the trickling in became a small stream and holds the promise of becoming a powerful current. The beginning of everything…”


    Kristina Verhoeven

    “While digging my grave I felt, most of all, dignity growing inside of me, a feeling that was pretty nonexistent in my life before.
    Many deep fears and concerns have died before, during and after the Burial.
    Since the Burial I take my life very consciously in my own hands. And I enjoy a new kind of freedom, of observing every tree I come across and of the mud on my hands.
    I have learned to take in the life-force and have let go of resistance.
    I opened myself to the love of Mother Earth. And I am so happy for it.
    I have felt so much more warmth and love around me than before.
    Thank you for this!”

    Ingrid Goetschalckx

    ”Dear Roel and Griet, Till today the Sacred Burial ritual is alive within me. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had.
    The silence, the rituals, the focus, were strong preparation. It helped me empty myself, letting go, coming home in the silence of just being.
    The night in the earth was so special. I experienced 8 hours of intensive healing, as if every cell was shaken by Mother Earth’s powerful but loving energy. There were moments fears showed themselves, but the preparations we did in the days prior made sure I was ready for this and they flowed away.
    I felt myself being carried by you the whole night. It was so beautiful to feel you watching over us.
    The Sacred Burial let me experience how Mother Earth is alive and how important it is to be loving in everything we do. I left my grave with a deep appreciation to be able to live on this magical planet.
    Everything was different, wonderful, peaceful, and serene. I felt so strong and pure.
    Since that night I haven’t smoked a cigarette, after 15 years!
    The Burial has become a part of me and I have a feeling that this will stay that way. I am very grateful that I was able to experience this ritual! I am grateful for everyone who was there and for Roel and Griet who were guiding us.
    Thankful Thankful Thankful!”

    Veronika Novotna

    “A bird sings
    deeply felt
    joy and tears.
    As a larva I was in prayer
    there was no grave
    more a royal temple the earth,
    so close so protected I lay
    in an unlimited space full of life,
    and then the night is over
    the Sun rises
    a new day. Every day
    grass trees earth
    why am I here
    and life is singing!
    What moved then and yes, woke up,
    moves still every day.
    Thank you! ”



    I get the chance to share all my feelings with our Mother, the Earth
    An experience of Oneness
    Deep connection
    and surrender”


    “By far the most beautiful experience I ever had!!!”


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