Become a Healing Presence


A 6-Module Transformational Experience with Roel Crabbé

RECONNECTION opens a gateway to a deep initiation of living from the quantum field so you can step into your soul’s full potential.

Early registration begins in November 2023.
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Become a Healing Presence


A 6-Module Transformational Experience with Roel Crabbé

RECONNECTION opens a gateway to a deep initiation of living from the quantum field so you can step into your soul’s full potential.

Early registration begins in November 2023.
Get on the waiting list to receive priority notification plus a special gift.

Reconnect with Your Soul Wisdom

Relearn the Ancient Practices

Reignite the Light of Your True Essence

Shamans perceive chaotic times as an opportunity for initiation.

Will you answer the call of our times?

We live in a time of enormous shifts and transformation. There is a strong impulse of healing active on the earth, and many of us feel old wounds emerging, fears, and a feeling of being stuck.

Shamans know that times like these are times of “initiation,” something new is being set in motion. Their wisdom guides and supports us to break free from fear, dare to trust our creative power, and let a deeper, expansive power work through us.

RECONNECTION offers you the gateway to that deeper initiation. To work from the quantum field, from which you can step into your full potential as a soul, to embrace the true power of your deeper being, and from there, become a healing presence and a force for good in the world.

Roel, who has trained thousands of people in working with shamanism and healing over the last 19 years, opens the doors to this in-depth RECONNECTION training, which he has already completed with hundreds of students and is considered by many to be his most beautiful and powerful training to date.

An in-depth journey of 6 modules in which you learn to work with guided meditations, shamanic healing and practical tools to create your life from within and live life from your true essence.

In just a few short weeks, we will open the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community committed to a powerful, sacred collaboration with the spiritual dimension to lift ourselves and the world to a new frequency.

Where do I start now that literally, nothing is the same?

I was empty. I was at my bottom. My trust in people had never been so low, and I was terrified of what the future would bring.

I got sick from stress a few weeks ago, but today I am the most calm person. I feel calm, confident, and happy, enjoy so many little things and moments, and experience everything so much more consciously.

This series was the greatest gift I could give myself.

Tara Bossuyt

Roel Crabbe headshot

Dear Friends,

Over the last 20 years, I have been fortunate to lead hundreds of training and healing courses and be part of many circles of hearts, in which we connected to the spiritual dimension.

The RECONNECTION Course is a training that responds to the call that so many of us feel in our hearts. The call to break through to that new dimension of life, which I suspect you have already caught glimpses of.

In RECONNECTION, I will take you into the deep layers of the quantum field, from which we can create life from within and truly step into the light of our essence.

I have developed an online program of six modules delivered over 6 weeks with time for integration and practice. It will be a wonderful journey.

I believe with all my heart that this period on earth is a time in which the authentic connection with our true essence and our full potential is our highest calling, and we can make visible the world we see in our hearts. We can become a healing presence in our families, communities, and in the world.

I cordially invite you to be part of this special training and the wonderful circle of like-minded souls, which will open for registration November 2023.

I look forward to meeting you.

Heartfelt greetings,


You Will Receive These 6 Modules

Details for each module are coming soon!

Module 1

Reconnection – your soul’s journey back to healing power.

Module 2

Entering the Quantum Field, the field of pure Spirit.

Module 3

The transfiguration and healing of old wounds, negative thoughts and shadow.

Module 4

Anchoring into the light in your life.

Module 5

Meeting the Masters of Light, your guides on your soul path.

Module 6

Reconnection, becoming a healing presence and a force for good in the world.

There is a huge momentum of healing active on the Earth right now. She invites us to grow into a new way of being and thus make a difference for ourselves, each other, and the world.
Roel Crabbé

Praise from Roel’s Teachers, Peers, and Colleagues

“Roel Crabbe’s work is exquisite. His life experience has led him to be a brilliant and compassionate shamanic healer and teacher. I have known Roel since 2004 and had the opportunity to watch him work many times. His work is really beautiful, and touches deep into the soul of his clients. His communication is clear and his work is truly innovative. Anyone attending a workshop with Roel will come out with a wealth of teachings, healing, and inspiration.”

Sandra Ingerman

–author of 10 books on shamanism including “Soul Retrieval” and “Walking in Light”

“The teachers who have impacted my life in the most profound way have all had a number of qualities in common: compassion, intelligence, and integrity. Above all they, they walked their talk. In other words, they lived their lives from their principles. In my experience, Roel Crabbe has the qualities that set apart a true teacher in abundance. The Sufis call their teachers Spiritual Friends; I believe you could find no better Spiritual Friend than Roel.”

Peggy Dylan

–founder of Sundoor School of Transformation

“Roel’s commitment and passion for supporting people to connect to spirit is a true blessing for this world. His soulful songs evoke ancient healing and open the portals between the worlds. When he creates ceremony, you can truly feel the presence of the loving, healing ancestors and spirits. This is powerful work!”

Chetna Lawless

–shamanic teacher and transmitter of the Colour Rays

“Roel Crabbe is a powerfully talented shamanic teacher, musician, and deeply creative innovator in our field. His ceremonies, healing modalities, and therapies are one-of-a-kind and profoundly transformative. His many gifts and strengths make him exceptional, and he is a true stand-out among his peers.”

Jane Burns

–author of, “Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook”

About Your Teacher and Guide, Roel Crabbé

Roel Crabbé has been practising shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers. He has been personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth,” among others.

Apart from this work, he has developed numerous practices and facilitates shamanic rituals and ceremonies for transformation and healing. He has been recognized by several traditional shamans for his ability to bring in very pure energies and tap into ancient songlines from the Spirit world. His work with ancestral healing songs, which are often only sung once, has become an intrinsic part of his teaching and healing work.

Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy and France. His work has been published in publications such as “Bres” and “Change.”

You can find his work and that of his colleagues at

Personally, I don’t know anyone who organizes courses with so much dedication and so much giving.

This online course was fantastic and clearly the result of a lot of experience, a lot of dedication, and not only passion for the subject but also a passion for helping people take their lives into their own hands.

I bow deeply to you, and to this wonderful experience you gave me. Thank you very much!


-Nancy Gerits

I really feel radiant, connected, and extremely grateful.

I am so very grateful that I was able to follow the Reconnection training; words are really not enough.

…step by step, you will be guided to reconnect. Tools are provided to transform and heal the obstacles you encounter along the way, allowing you to truly step into your ‘Being a Lightbringer.’

I really feel radiant, connected, and extremely grateful. And it doesn’t end here, I am doing the training again and connecting even more deeply!

-Marja F.

The reconnection training has brought more light and surrender into my life.

I was already familiar with Sandra Ingerman’s transfiguration, but the structure of this intensive training has taken my experience with it to a higher level. Roel’s beautiful singing during the meditations takes you along and takes you further than you thought you would achieve.

Grateful that the reconnection training came my way!


I did this training last year with a large group of people, and it is without a doubt, the strongest online training [of this type that] I have ever experienced.
–Johan Luyckx

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