Spring Ritual for Renewal

by Roel Crabbé

In shamanism, the connection with the natural cycles is very important. Shamans in all traditions know that everything contains power and that the pivotal moments in nature are moments of power. In all cultures, these moments in time are exploited through rituals: conscious moments of connection, growth, and celebration.

Spring brings the power of a new beginning: the juices start flowing again and nature starts a new circle of unfolding and opening to the heavenly light.

The transition from winter to spring offers us the opportunity to consciously renew ourselves through the cooperation of strong intention, surrender, and connection. Everyone can use this power. It is there for all of us. You do this by consciously connecting with the power in nature. With the trees, the wind, the rain, the first bumblebees that fly again.

In the wheel of life or medicine wheel, spring corresponds to the East. The place where the new is born. The inspiration that came into the dream world and the dimensions of the soul can now be created more easily. You can use this spring power by welcoming it into your life in a simple spring ritual – a moment of power.

I will give you a description of a simple ritual that you can adjust as you wish:


To connect with the power that resides in the cycle of the seasons, it is always best to go into nature. Choose a place that appeals to you and where you can be on your own.

Greet the soul of this place, be quiet, and honor the beauty of this place. Take the time to be present and listen while you focus on your heart and soften everything in yourself. Let your body become soft, make your heart and mind soft. Remember your gratitude.

When you have greeted the place and you feel welcome, find a quiet place where you can sit. Let yourself enter the inner silence. Close your eyes and open to the power of this place. Breathe with the earth, be quiet, and do nothing. Surrender to the peace that lives in this place and stay with your breath. Breathe with the trees, the bushes, the grass, the animals, the wind.

Go deeper into yourself and recognize that everything lives, that everything contains essence, and is sacred. This place is sacred, your breath is sacred, nature is sacred, your heart is sacred. Let the thoughts of the world slide away from you and be entirely here and thank this place for its beauty. Meet the power of this place in the silence of your being.

Spring power is very vibrant, vital, and has a promising character. Invite this power into your body and breathe with it. Feel this power, it is like a rising sun, it is like the first song of the birds in the morning. Feel this power in your body and welcome it. Give it free access to your being and relax your body further.

Allow this power of renewal to come home to your heart and open up further. Breathe with the sun, the rustle of the leaves. Feel your love for life, for the magic of nature, for the dance of creation. Let yourself dissolve in the environment. Only this vibrant life force that renews everything. Let go of everything for a moment and surrender to this vibrant power.

Allow yourself to experience that everything is constantly new. Nothing is the same as the moment before. Your cells renew, your breath is new, nature is new. Invite this power and ask it to guide you in your life.

Listen to your heart. Some gifts live in your heart. Gifts of goodness. No one can give them to the world except you. No matter how small or large they are, cherish them, they are the harbingers of what is to come, they are the gifts of the soul. They are the reason why you are here. Give them breath, let them grow in your heart. Give them your spring power.

Breathe with these dreams of your heart. Feel how nature breathes with you. Feel the beauty of your dreams, your sincere wishes for goodness. Cherish this and nurture it. Feel how you are new here and now. Everything is new at this moment. Everything is reborn and starts here.

Feel the power that is available when you fully realize that this is a new beginning. Release this power and use it as food for the gifts of your soul. Feel that you are free, here and now.

Let this power continue to work through you and take a moment to surrender completely. Enjoy being here without having to achieve anything. Be nourished by the power of nature and be one with this place. Breathe and be here.


When you feel it is time to finish the ritual, thank this place very consciously for its embrace. Honor the beauty of this place. Give your wishes for this place in silence or words. It has given you strength, now give your blessing and strength. Honor this exchange of energy.

Then focus on the essential power and thank the life force for your chance to be aware.

Feel the new beginning, it’s here, it’s now. Imagine being able to observe the web of life: the web that connects everything with everything. Fill yourself with a stream of blessings and let them flow in the web with a sincere wish of goodness for all living beings.

It’s time to go now. This is the new beginning. Be guided by your heart. There is goodness within you. That is your strength. Release it!

Warm Blessing,


© Roel Crabbé – 2011 – Rewritten Feb 2012

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