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All our prints are High-Quality Art Giclee prints. These are created with museum grade archival canvas and inks.

All prints are coated with 3 layers of UV protective varnish and signed on the back by Roel.

They are shipped unstretched in a secured tube, to be stretched/framed by you (or a local frame-shop).

Shipped within 3 weeks.

Prayer, Roel Crabbé, 2019
200 x 100 cm – Acrylic on canvas (original)
available as prints on canvas

As the world sings to us, many songs, our hearts are called to open, once more. There is a timeless field of blessing. The prayers of the Ancestors are all around us, guiding us. They are a river that longs to stream to our very hearts.

This time is the time to reconnect to this river. To sent out our prayers for the world and to be fierce and bold in our choice for love.

There is no sideline in the dance of the heart. The dance calls to be danced, to be felt, to be embraced.

I know your heart gives birth to the timeless prayers.

I know your heart sends out lights that are bright and connecting the dream with the manifest. .

And I know our prayers are rising in their flight, held by the sacred gaze of the timeless.

This is our time. The time of the heart.

Thank you for letting your heart sing.

Let’s rise together.

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