Healing the Light Body Workshop

90-minute workshop with Roel Crabbe

In these times of transformation, where so many things are shifting, we need to center ourselves and really take care of our own frequency.

During this 90-minute workshop, Roel guides you into ceremony and bring healing into our own energy-body and the frequency of the collective.

In ‘Healing the Light-body’ Roel teaches you how to consciously create purposeful transformation, and together create a portal of light to step through. We gather to:
– Hold ceremony to clear your energy-body from heavy, dense energies
– Let go of the old in a space of healing and compassion
– Align with the frequency of your true self
– Consciously bring in Healing Light
– Create a new matrix of Light with the help of your spiritual allies
– Join Roel for ceremony for the healing and support of the collective.

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