Our Approach of Shamanism

Shamanism: Our Approach

Shamanism as Growth in Consciousness and Spirit

By Roel Crabbé

“There is only one medicine for all your ailments and that is you.” – Andy Baggot

Shamanism is a very broad concept. That is why we want to make clear on this page how we deal with it and why.

Our vision is that everyone can gain access to inner wisdom, divine inspiration, healing and power. This is the purpose of all the work we do and of the shamanic courses and trainings.

The essence of our trainings lies in supporting and guiding people in contact with other worlds, with the aim of opening themselves and their lives for innovation, inspiration and a greater vision. That is why the emphasis in shamanic training is on your personal contact with the guides and allies, so that you can open yourself to new insights, healing and strength.

For this reason, the shamanic trance journey is central to many of the training courses. We offer you the space and insights through which you yourself can feed your connection. It is the experience of the journey itself that is the teacher.

Our trainings are intended for people who want to take responsibility for their lives and open themselves to the reality of the soul. We come together in circles to learn and grow. We come together to listen from the heart and let beauty, power and well-being unfold. But also to be honest with ourselves, to see where we are stopping growth and to let go of these fears.

In our experience, shamanism is a path of remembrance. Remembering who we really are. A path that allows us to release the energies and beliefs that we no longer need and to focus on a greater vision of our being. We believe that everyone on earth is to live a life of joy, abundance, health, strength and love. Inspiration is the flow that we can invite to help us grow in this. Always growing and unfolding, following the flow.

The shamanic work is ‘spirit driven’: driven by spirit, and we support people in making their own, unique and authentic voice, their own freedom, flourish. This by opening themselves ever more for the inner core and the greater vision that awaits you there.

A central aspect of working with the trance journey is a deeper understanding of the concept of intention and the way we formulate it. After all, the quality of your intention determines the answer. That is why we put great emphasis on it.

We also use the power of the circle to nurture dedication. Because it is the dedication and taking responsibility for ourselves and all aspects of our lives that makes us realize the dream that lives in each of us. Daring to allow inspiration and act accordingly is what it is really about.

Our trainings are primarily focused on the transformation of consciousness, the power of remembrance and love. We work from the experience that surrender to love needs to be our only focus and that everything else results from this. Love opens the doors of the heart, through which inner wisdom can come forth.

We let go of the desire to explain and understand everything and surrender to the experience of the mystery, to life force itself. Each of us is able to open to the flow of inspiration. That is why we consider many questions that arise during the training sessions as invitations to allow the answers to flourish within you.

© Roel Crabbé – 2008

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