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Courses in English

RCrabbe_sales_facebook Shamanic Journeying to Connect with Ancestral Wisdom Keepers of Past & Future
7-week online course Year of Soul Ceremony-share Year of Soul Ceremony bundle
197 € Shamanic-Journey Shamanic Journey Course
Doors open again in June 2023
Register for the waiting list Soul Destiny Soul Destiny Course
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Cursussen in het Nederlands


Introductiereeks Sjamanisme (NL)

Basiscursus Sjamanisme SHARE- NL-evergreen Basiscursus Sjamanisme (NL)
297 € reconnection-share Reconnection (NL)
397 €

Meditation and Workshops

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Heart Meditation

3,99 €

Banner livestreams

Inner Balance Meditation

3,99 €

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Soul Alignment Meditation

3,99 €

Vrede als Spiritueel Pad

Vrede als Spiritueel Pad 7-delige Workshop

37 €

Banner livestreams Healing Blessing of the Ancestors

4,99 €


Ontmoet je Spirituele Gids Workshop

15 € – 25 €


Ignite Your Spiritual Fire 4-part Series

20 € – 30 €


Shamanic Healing Meditations

97€ – 30% discount


Tribe of Light

67€ – 30% discount


Dreaming the New Earth

87€ – 30% discount


Healing with the spirits of Nature Workshop

15 € – 25 €

meet-your-spiritguide-shop-en Meet your Spirit Guide

15 € – 25 €

healing-the-light-body-shop-en Healing the Light Body

15 € – 25 €

compilation bundle

3 Workshops Compilation

39 € – 57 €

shamanic-journey-shop-en Shamanic Journey – Volume 1

15 €


Shamanic Journey – Volume 1 Nederlands

15 €

Meet your spirit guide videostill

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