Into the Shamanic Journey,
A Training with Roel Crabbé

7 and 8 October 
Vienna, Austria


Roel Crabbé has been personally trained and authorized to teach by Sandra Ingerman and has trained thousands of people in shamanic journeying and healing.

“Our ancestors have always lived in harmony with the land and the spirit world. In these times of great challenge and transition, we are invited to embrace our ancient medicine again and become people of spirit. The Shamanic Journey is our ancient practice of working with the spirits. It is pure medicine.” –  Roel Crabbé

The Shamanic Journey: Step into your personal connection with the Spiritworld

From ancient times, shamanism has been used for healing and problem-solving to restore balance in the individual and the collective field. During this training in shamanic journeying, you will learn to work with shamanic practice and techniques that shamans have used for thousands of years worldwide. In this powerful initiation weekend, you will learn to restore your personal connection with the spiritworld and the ancient healing practices and step into a new power and chapter in your life.

Enter the shamanic path of direct revelation and healing

In this intense workshop, you will learn to safely perform shamanic journeys to the 3 spirit worlds: the Lower-world, Upper-world and Middle-world, and work with your spiritual allies and teachers in those 3 worlds. You will learn how to reach the shamanic state of consciousness in a safe and proper way through the trance rhythms of the shaman’s drum and rattle and use this state for direct contact with the spirit-world and healing.

Journey in the 3 worlds of the shaman to:

  • restore your power and bring healing
  • receive advice, guidance and healing from your teachers and allies from the spiritworld
  • make contact with soul aspects of your essence and nature
  • learn how you can retrieve a power animal from the lower-world and bring healing to others
  • learn how to build a relationship with your own spirit guides and teachers from the lower- and upper-world

Reconnect with the Spiritworld and the Ancient healing tradition

Working with the shamanic trance allows you to work with this spiritual reality of what the Celts referred to as ‘the Otherworld’ and be in direct contact with your spiritual guides, teachers and allies. In this way you enter the sacred circle again, very consciously, and embrace your spiritual connection with the spiritworld and the sacred dimension of Mother Earth. A feeling that is described by many practitioners of shamanism as coming home: coming home in your own life, heart and world.

In addition to the shamanic journey, you will be guided to:

  • shamanic healing methods and principles
  • how to perform power-retrieval journeys for yourself and others
  • reconnect with your power and essence through working with the medicine world
  • journeying to gather healing-power and knowledge for others and the earth
  • perform a healing ritual for others from your connection with the upper world

During this workshop, you share your experiences with your fellow students in the circle, in order to learn how we can understand our experiences and give them a practical place in our lives. We also look at the ethics needed to work in a good way and how practicing shamanism can contribute to a richer and fulfilled life.

Initiation on the sacred path.

This weekend is an invitation to open you to your connection with the shaman’s spiritual worlds and focus on wholeness, inner wisdom, love, and surrender. An intense initiation where the ancient and contemporary merge into the greatest source of spiritual power: your essence.

  • You will be able to do power retrieval journeys for yourself and others, and do the Upper world healing ceremony for others.
  • After completing the Shamanic Journey training, you have the required experience to continue your training in Advanced Training in Shamanism or the Shamanic Practitioner training, led by Roel. You will be also able to do advanced trainings with Sandra Ingerman, or other teachers listen on

Receive 8 weeks of integration, support & access to the Private Student group, journey circles, and advanced trainings.

Please note: As journeying and building a personal connection with the spirits is the foundation of true shamanic work, this course is the prerequisite for all in-depth healing training. After completing this course:

  • You will be able to join advanced trainings and Journey circles and apply for advanced trainings, as the 2-year Shamanic Practitioner training and Roel his renowned Shamanic Sound Healing training.
  • You will be able to join the shamanic journeying circles in Belgium, Vienna, Sweden, and other countries where Roel is invited. These circles are donation-based and for students who have completed the journeying course.
  • Roel will send you 8 weekly follow-up emails filled with inspiration, lessons, video tutorials, and exercises to start integrating shamanic journeying in your daily life. He developed this series of follow-ups to help you build a strong foundation for your spiritual work.
  • You will receive access to the private FB group, with over 25 hours of extra videos, guided journeys, and teachings.

The Shamanic Journeying training is an invitation to open you to your connection with the spiritual worlds of the shaman and to focus on wholeness, inner wisdom, love, and surrender. An intense initiation where the ancient and contemporary merge into the greatest source of spiritual power: your essence. You will receive these teachings within a powerful and radiant lineage.

For inspiration: Ancestral Healing Song

“Rivers of healing” – interview by Linda Fitch

In this interview, Linda asked me to share my personal path with shamanism, which started when I was 17. I got the time to share the teachings I received, and I loved how Linda wanted to dive deeper into talking about healing songs, which have become a foundation in my work. I also take you on a guided meditation where you meet with representatives of future generations to ask for their guidance and support on your personal path to becoming a Dreamkeeper.


225€ (incl. tuition, tea and drinks, and snacks + 8 weeks of follow-up emails and videos)        

Bundle discount:  if you join both the Shamanic Journey Course (7&8 October) and the Soul Retrieval Journey (14 & 15 October), you pay only 375€

Special Instruction: Please bring writing and drawing materials, a blindfold or scarf, and a rattle. If possible, a shamanic drum.

Praise for Roel Crabbé’s Work

“Roel Crabbe’s work is exquisite. His life experience has led him to be a brilliant and compassionate shamanic healer and teacher. I have known Roel since 2004 and had the opportunity to watch him work many times. His work is really beautiful, and touches deep into the soul of his clients. His communication is clear and his work is truly innovative. Anyone attending a workshop with Roel will come out with a wealth of teachings, healing, and inspiration.”

Sandra Ingerman

–author of 10 books on shamanism including “Soul Retrieval” and “Walking in Light”

“The teachers who have impacted my life in the most profound way have all had a number of qualities in common: compassion, intelligence, and integrity. Above all they, they walked their talk. In other words, they lived their lives from their principles. In my experience, Roel Crabbe has the qualities that set apart a true teacher in abundance. The Sufis call their teachers Spiritual Friends; I believe you could find no better Spiritual Friend than Roel.”

Peggy Dylan

–founder of Sundoor School of Transformation

“Roel’s commitment and passion for supporting people to connect to spirit is a true blessing for this world. His soulful songs evoke ancient healing and open the portals between the worlds. When he creates ceremony, you can truly feel the presence of the loving, healing ancestors and spirits. This is powerful work!”

Chetna Lawless

–shamanic teacher and transmitter of the Colour Rays

“Roel Crabbe is a powerfully talented shamanic teacher, musician, and deeply creative innovator in our field. His ceremonies, healing modalities, and therapies are one-of-a-kind and profoundly transformative. His many gifts and strengths make him exceptional, and he is a true stand-out among his peers.”

Jane Burns

–author of, “Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook”

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What Roel’s Previous Attendees Have Said

What I was especially surprised about and enjoyed during the Shamanic Journeying Course (which I followed for the second time in January) is Roel’s powerful gentle loving approach.The weekend is very valuable: by connecting with the three worlds your connection with yourself and with all that is also grows. I experienced that during this weekend. Since then I have worked at home with trance journeys and with my power animal. And that helped me more in my life and with “difficult” decisions, than I hoped for. Humble grateful for this workshop.

Jerica Van Kerkhoven

This workshop is just worth Gold to me!” Laurent Caris “The Shamanic Journeying Course felt like coming home, which was my intention. This week lots of great things happened to me. And it has all to do with the past weekend. This work feels like growth, in a very fast pace, it allows me to experience life much deeper and thought me to make the spiritjourneys. So wonderful I have already applied this in my healing practice this week. What an experience …, my client is still talking about it. This was of such a different level, I can’t express it otherwise.
Tilly Blank

Thank you Roel, for the wonderful experience of oneness, the warmth and love that was very tangible in the space. I had already practiced with the shamanic journey before, but at that time it did not happen for me. The wonderful thing was that I was allowed to meet my power animal. I instantly felt his power and his cunning energy, a very nice experience. At a certain moment, on Sunday, we were together in the circle. With a soft voice you invited us to open our hearts and to call for beauty, love, warmth, etc. in ourselves. At a certain moment I got such a strong feeling: “I want this, this is me!” What a fine energy. I have done this exercise a few more times these days, I feel my heart just flooding. And … as you told: give, pass it on. When I do that, I feel that my heart continues to overflow. This is a new beginning for me. I feel blessed to experience this. Thank you Roel for this wonderful weekend and I look forward to the Journey Circles.
Sonia Janssens

The Shamanic Journeying course was a wonderful experience for me, it gave me a wonderful feeling of solidarity, love and harmony, and I now feel that I can open my heart even more to all the beauty here on earth. I was allowed to meet my power animal, which I already have a strong connection with. “Shamanism to me is coming home deep within myself.
Patricia Carpentier

Thank you very much for this really great weekend ….. in one word Wonderful. It happens while you are there …….. the flow of energy, wisdom, love is ooh so tangible. I just loved to experience this, I send you a warm greeting.
Gerd Maes

The Shamanic Journeying course… Right before that weekend, I had no idea what to expect. I registered because, wherever I went, I unexpectedly discovered birds of prey and I was curious about more! The journey to get a power animal for someone else has impressed me a lot. I got goose bumps and knew that this was the right power animal. When transferring it to the other person you could see it was completely correct. When I received my power animal afterwards, I knew, ‘this is what makes me feel good and it is the way I want to go!’ This is only a small part of what we did on the weekend. But for this one moment filled me with awe. A must for everyone!
Robin Van Raemdonck

The Shamanic Journeying Course was a great and instructive weekend for me. You’re a very nice and open teacher and I love that you’re teaching in your own down-to-earth way. I loved to discover that you have an inexhaustible source of knowledge about the subject and always give examples and draw parallels with other religions and customs.The first time I journeyed, the boundary between my own creativity and the lower-world was very vague. When I returned, I also had doubts about my journey. You helped me to take these away in a good way. The doubt was completely removed when I could get a power animal for someone else with a message for this person. That has really been a wonderful experience in which my doubt has turned into believing. Besides journeying, I also learned how to get into a more relaxed state. That is very useful to me in in the hustle and bustle of my life. Since this course I am now able to journey for myself at home. I did a power retrieval journy for my girlfriend and that was another wonderful experience. I can recommend the course to anyone who wants to develop his spirituality!
Richard Gruijters

In 2 days time giving yourself a gift that continues to reverberate for a lifetime, that is what the shamanic journeying course did to me. The intense feeling of being connected to everything, and feeling that everything is filled with soul, is indescribable. Making intense contact with your own power and from that power continue your path, follow the road that is your way. And know, really know for sure that what is there is right and good, so you no longer have to doubt. I so enjoyed the simple rituals. You completely open up to the beautiful sounds of the drum, rattle, Roel’s voice. Coming home in that sacred circle. All that is so nourishing! My life has changed completely, not in a spectacular way, but very subtle. Since then there has been a life force and joy of life in my centre that propels me forward. And I enjoy it every day gratefully.
Mol Mersie

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the wonderful weekend of the Shamanic Journeying Course. It is impossible to describe how beautiful and good this was for me.I want to tell you that the purity and love with which you do this is really beautiful. You give us so many wonderful things and tips to work at home. Really wonderful, thank you Roel! It has opened a lot of doors and it really gave me a boost in my trust and faith !! I feel that this is a way I want to walk further …
Saskia Schoeters

Shamanism has put me back on my path. Through these workshops with Roel, I feel again what connectivity means. We journey to the other worlds to get to know our guides and to learn from them. For me, Roel is also my guide, who shows with a warm heart, the possibilities to connect with yourself, with others, with nature, with everything that is … Time and again it is a feeling of coming home. Thank you!
Cindy Blockeel

What I experienced from the course is the subtle touch of that moving beauty, which is our own and which we regularly think is outside of us. I was and am grateful for the connection between al of us, serving the unity field … a wonderful experience that I wish everyone …I also appreciated that you offered wisdoms. I experienced them as an invitation to experience them, developing their own truth …

The weekend gave me many new insights into the Path I am on and it was a confirmation to me that I should definitely continue to study shamanic techniques and even more importantly to apply them in my life.I am glad that I was able to make my first journey under supervision because that was a threshold for me. I also had several moments during the weekend that I felt a strong sense of coming home and feeling held, a truly blissful feeling. The energy that was present in our circle was also very warm and loving. Thank you Roel for your wonderful guidance and for sharing your own experiences with us.
Ilias Vertenten

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for everything you have given us over the past weekend and have taught and learned … it feels like a wonderful gift!

For me, the Shamanic Journeying Course was a big step on the path of shamanism, and the feeling of coming home (as described by other participants) is a good way to describe this.” Since the basic course, I feel much more connected. I notice it mostly in small things like at a walk in the forest. I notice so much more, the wind whispering throught the leaves, the atmosphere created by moonlight. Wonderful to be able to experience such beautiful things.
Peter Borstlap

The Shamanic Journeying course was a fantastic experience for me! The whole weekend felt like coming home.” Throughout the rituals I learned to be connected, connected with my soul, with the other people present, with the whole web of life, but especially with the source of all that is. It is certainly due to the loving, interesting and certainly humorous guidance of Roel! Since then I can ‘t help but choose a life path, guided by light and love.
An Van den Broeck

The Shamanic Journeying Course brought me to the ancient Path that is (also) mine. My scepticism – which shows me how walk my path with integrity – ceased its resistance because of the purity and accuracy that I could experience here. It is amazing that the shamanic journey gradually takes you along and the Other Dimension reveals itself there as reality … Time and again grateful for the wealth the Other Dimension gives me / us, for how Life flows through us … It is a wonderfully beautiful Path … a path that is weird and familiar at the same time, that invites me to go further, more consciously connected with the Universe, with the ‘signs’. Deeply grateful to Roel’s being as a a teacher: honest simplicity and purity …

During the Shamanic Journeying Course we both received some very important tools, which come in handy every day when it comes to Surrendering and Connection. It soon became clear to us that all the masks we had built up in the past to be able to compete in this world would no longer be of use to us, if we wholeheartedly chose to go this way, because this is a path of authenticity and simplicity. We experience you on our path as a very gentle and wise teacher who repeatedly urges us to turn inward and listen and trust our inner voice. You taught us to journey to connect and ask help from our guides, you taught us to open up and be receiving for what is so much bigger than us. Since that time nothing is the same in our lives, even on dark, difficult days, we can remember them and reconnect with them … that wonderful place where the sun always shines and where there is always Love. Dear Roel and Griet, we are every day again, thankful, that we were allowed to meet you on this incredibly wonderful and powerful path.
Helene & Stijn

Thank you for the Shamanic Journeying course. I have learned to discover the power of my inner dimension and creative spirit. The insight that everything starts from an energy, a pure intention open the world to you. It interweaves your entire daily life. This course is highly recommended for people who want to experience in an active way what is going on in our invisible world and that we create these worlds ourselves through our intentions and creative minds. A wise physicist once said ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. After being able to experience this course I would rather say thanks to imagination knowledge arises. Thanks for the nice weekend Roel. Light and Love

I want to thank you for the great weekend that we experienced together. I feel different after these two days: I feel more in my power and I feel more ‘at home’. I also experience a kind of peace that has come into my life.
Bénédicte de Waele

I can not help but thank you a thousand times for this incredibly gentle and warm guidance during my first shamanic trance journeys :-). The group also felt very loving and I really felt like being able to be myself with all my talents and limitations. I have already done many workshops and courses, spread over a little four years. This goes very deep for me and feels like I have to be here! Thanks again, with loving tears in my eyes. Greetings
Heidi Geukens

For me, the Shamanic Journeying Course has opened a gate to invisible worlds, where power animals and light beings are present to guide us in our daily lives. It is surrendering and coming home in yourself. Thank you, Roel, for the special guidance on this journey.

Words fail me to describe the journeying course. I think you are doing a fantastic and fascinating job. Working with the trance journeys is a simple and accessible method for me to understand reality better, and it corresponds with the rest of my knowledge and vision. It is a nice way to broaden my view of the world.
Gudrun V.

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