“Gate of Transformation”


Shamanic Ritual for Renewal

By Griet Heylen & Roel Crabbé

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

Ritual of Transformation

We wrote this article on a quiet night during the Christmas period. At the end of the year, there is a desire in many people to leave behind the old and welcome the new.

In all cultures, we find rituals of transformation in which one we consciously connect with the new and celebrate the growth that this implies. Such rituals are catalysts in life and are usually performed at important stages in life, such as birth, the transition to adulthood, marriage, death, …

Rituals play an important role in both shamanism and healing.

With this text, we would like to inspire you to create your ritual and to connect with the power of transformation and inspiration that the new holds. You do not have to perform this ritual on December 31, although it may be powerful for you to connect at a time when many people focus on renewal in their lives and that of the planet. Anyway, transformation can be created at any time.

gate of transformation

For this ritual, you will work with a fire and a self-made gate where you will step through.

It is good to find a quiet place where you can devote yourself to this event in silence, alone or with friends.

Take all the time and space you need to complete your experience. Make it a Holy Moment.

You can use the description below as inspiration. But you can also make changes based on your inspiration.

The most important component is, as in every transition ritual, your conscious choice, which is anchored by strong intention, focus, and surrender. You can do a ritual for the transformation of your energy, reinforcing an intention of renewal, healing, …

Preparation of the Ritual

What do you need?

  • Intention: Make a strong and clear intention for yourself. A ritual of transformation requires you to be willing to change. This willingness is the gate that you create within yourself.
  • For the fire: A safe fireplace, kindling wood, branches to keep the fire burning, one or more straight sticks.
  • For the gate: Materials of your choice, eg: branches, ribbons, herbs, flowers, candles, cord, …
  • Writing materials

Prepare the space:

You prepare a place where you can make a gate and fire. Make this place feel good for you. If you do this ritual in nature, you must do this in consultation with the forces of this place. You can do this by silently communicating and listening to your heart. When in doubt it is best to choose a place where you feel completely welcome. Connect your spirit to this place by taking care of it and tidying it up. It is also good to define this place, for example with candles, ribbons, or clear your intention. This place is your ritual space.

Prepare the fireplace and also prepare the wood and necessary materials. Ensure safety!

Make the ritual Gate

You create the gate where you will step through later and which will act as a transformer between the old that you will leave behind and the new that you will welcome and integrate. Be aware of all your actions and fill them with intention.

You can make this gate with branches, candles, or for example by placing two sticks with ribbons. Follow your inspiration. Make your gate the way it looks for you and be fully aware of what you are doing.

The power of this gate is not determined by the form, but the power that you create through your intention and actions. The power of this ritual comes from the value that you put into it. Awareness is the key.

Bring intention into each knot, every ribbon, everything that you want to hang in it and that contributes to the blessing that you will receive as you go through this gate. It can be flowers, herbs,… You work quietly, accurately, and present.


Empower your ritual space

When you are done with these preparations you take a moment of silent presence. You stand in front of the opening of the ritual space. Observe yourself, feel what is moving through you, do not judge, let it be what it is.

Open yourself to the ritual and enter the circle. Invite the forces of the place and ask them to support you. Make it clear that you do this ritual before stepping into renewal, so that you may live lighter and grow in the soul. Connect this ritual with the intention that it may be for the benefit of all that is. Do this your way. It is good to say this out loud.

The ritual fire

Ensure a safe and tidy fireplace. Your safety and care always come first in everything you do.

You make a holy fire for this ritual. You do this by focusing your mind and heart on the sacred dimension of fire, of the ritual, and of the wonderful life force that brings renewal.

gate of transformation

In various traditions, fire is called “Grandfather Fire,” recognizing that Grandfather is ancient and powerful and has brought goodness and blessing to us and our ancestors for many thousands of years. According to the mythology of different traditions, Grandfather Fire is the first shaman to come to earth to bring light and power and to help people remember who they are.

Fire is a major transformer of energy and a source of well-being, light, and life force.

So make this fire with a lot of dedication. Be fully aware that this beautiful light force is now coming into your midst. Welcome Grandfather Fire, tell him that you are happy that he is with you, talk to him like you talk to a Grandfather. Welcome him, thank him for his warmth, for his beautiful colors, the confidence, the safety, the flames,… Give him your gratitude and if you want, some gifts, such as herbs, a letter, drawing, in short: your positive energy.

Sit with Grandfather, take your straight stick and stare into the flames. It is good to talk to Grandfather for a moment, to explain why you are here and what your intention is. Feel his presence and his power and open up for this. Take your time to be filled with the warmth of the fire and the invitation to transformation.

You open your heart and give everything you want to leave behind through your hands to the stick. Let it flow into it. Take your time. Do this until you feel that you are empty. In the meantime, let the light and warmth of Grandfather enter you until you are completely light. You wait and when the moment is right you give the stick to Grandfather and watch the flames absorb everything. Look into the flames for the new power that is emerging.

If you want to put another stick in the fire, do so. You can lay a stick for friends, family, for the world, for the children, for the elderly, … You stay by the fire as long as necessary.

Say thank you.

Gate of Transformation

gate of transformation

At a certain moment, you will feel that the gate is calling you. Follow your feeling. Stand in front of the gate and close your eyes. Feel the light in yourself and the power. Be aware of the fact that your past is behind you and this moment is the start of the rest of your life. Be aware that you can choose here and now. And that this choice can be important and great if you fully commit yourself to it and are prepared to live it.

Look inwards to the new where you are going.

Listen to your breath, feel your body, open your mind, and be very present. Now open your arms and connect completely with your choice for renewal.

You focus on the fullness of the life force. It is good to speak words aloud and thus bring about renewal. Connect them with the power of your choice and make them real to you, that’s all that matters.

Use your own words, but here is an example for inspiration: “I know that all beauty is here, all love is here, all joy is here. I am happy and grateful that I am now entering my new life. I am happy to see that everything is new and radiates a new life force. This is the start of the rest of my life. I am connected with who I really am and in this consciousness, I open myself to all inspiration that wants to flow through me and that will fertilize my new life. So that I can devote myself completely to the new that is now manifesting itself. I have chosen innovation and focus on the very best for myself and the bigger picture. New possibilities are revealed and I am open and receptive and say yes, I say yes, I say YES !!!! ”

Step through the gate, stand still, and listen, listen to what wants to speak to you. Listen with your heart and take your time. Listen to the silent voice within, the voice of your soul that tells you about your possibilities, your dreams, your true power of bringing goodness.

Then you slowly open your eyes again. You feel the earth under your feet, look around and say: “I am home !!” And feel that.

Take a moment to integrate everything.

It is good to sit with Grandfather, look into the flames, and be silent. Let the power of this moment fully permeate you.

Now carefully write down your experience of the moment as it is and listen to what else you want to speak through you. Let the inspiration flow, write down small or big ideas, whatever comes up in your mind… Write it down.

Integration and embodiment

A ritual for renewal only gains strength by actually making this choice come alive. Opting for renewal, and then staying the same, is impossible. So listen to the new inspiration and ways that your choice for innovation has brought to life. Find ways to accomplish what you have seen.

Reread regularly what you have written and stay true to the inspiration you have received. Find people who support you in your new pathways, who encourage you, and believe in the new path that you are now following.

Inspiration is given to us from the source of wisdom with which we are all connected and in which we are all one.

Rituals contribute to this new way of receiving. It is a blessing to live your life from inspiration. It requires courage, surrender, and dedication to walk the path of your heart.

gate of transformation

But just like everyone else, you are here to give the gifts of your soul to the world. Therein lies your great joy. Nobody can give them in your place. And this starts here and now, at the start of the rest of your life.

We wish you a blessed path and joy in giving your blessings to the path.

With love,

Griet & Roel

december 2011

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