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December 2023

The Soul Reconnection Course Session 4

Session 4: Anchor the light in your life Shamans tell us that we live in a time when a tremendous power wants to work through us. We will explore how you can anchor that light in our lives, so that you not only experience that power during our spiritual work, but in all aspects of […] ...
09 Dec
6:00 pm

The Soul Reconnection Course Session 5

Session 5: Masters of Light: guides on your soul’s path How would it feel to always have access to the guidance needed in that moment? In this module, Roel takes you through your connection with the Masters of Light: pure guidance that is here to bring forth and support your deepest essence. ...
10 Dec
6:00 pm

The Soul Reconnection Course Session 6

Session 6: Reconnection: become a healing presence In this session, Roel will take you through the SOUL RECONNECTION initiation, which opens the new gates. This is where we as souls embody our true essence, and allow the power of pure Spirit to work through us. ...
17 Dec
6:00 pm
February 2024

The Healing Field Initiation

A 7-day Shamanic Intensive This is the first time Roel will share this work as a 7-day training for the international community. You will be immersed in profound practices, healing meditations, long shamanic ceremonies with ancestral healing songs, and group healing work. ‘The Healing Field’ is an initiation for people who feel called to sink […] ...
09 - 16 Feb
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Frandeux, Belgium
Frandeux, Belgium
August 2024

Sacred Burial Ritual 2024, Toltec Earth’s Embrace Ritual

A Residential 4-day Shamanic Intensive The Sacred Burial, found in Toltec and African traditions, is a powerful worldwide ritual. It has been used for centuries for healing, renewal, and transformation as a Vision Quest or rite of passage. Roel is one of only a handful of people trained to facilitate a Toltec Sacred Burial ritual […] ...
25 - 28 Aug
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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