Spring Ritual for Renewal by Roel Crabbé In shamanism, the connection with the natural cycles is very important. Shamans in all traditions know that everything contains power and that the pivotal moments in nature are moments of power. In all cultures, these moments...

“Gate of Transformation”

  Shamanic Ritual for Renewal By Griet Heylen & Roel Crabbé The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust Ritual of Transformation We wrote this article on a quiet night during the Christmas period....

Calling of the Shaman

Transformation of Consciousness by Roel Crabbé In this article, I will gladly discuss the transformation of consciousness that we see flourishing worldwide. I describe this from the archetype of the shaman, but of course, this evolution applies equally to the Western...

Power of Prayer and the Circle

“The return of ‘we’” by Roel Crabbé “It is not about ‘me’, it is about ‘we'” – Jamie Sams A few days ago we drove the car to a Lowompi ceremony, accompanied by Lakota Medicine Man Steve Mc Cullough. A traditional healing...

Prayers of the Ancestors

Prayers of the Ancestors “About the Power of Ritual and Prayer” by Roel Crabbé “The ancestors are here, in every moment. Their prayers are often centuries old and some of them address us. They invite us to open our hearts and join them, for the blessing of...

Remembrance of the Holy

Remembrance of the Holy “About the dimension of the Sacral” by Roel Crabbé “The first peace is that which comes within the souls when they recognize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers.” – Black Elk...

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