It is said that the spirits can do their work through the songs of the healer. The song becomes the body for them to work in this world.

This song brings the improvised style of singing that is very common in the shamanic practice worldwide. The shaman sings from his or her connection to the spiritworld, to bring healing, empowerment, peace.

In this Ancestral healing song I sing in 4 layers and bring healing melodies and prayers that come from the ancestral realms.

You can use the song for meditation, healing, or the inward journey. I hope it may it bring beauty into your life.

I look forward to reading what your experience is.

All voices and instruments by Roel Crabbe. This song is dedicated to the Ancestral realms.

Artwork: “Healing Song” – Painting – Acrylic on wooden board – by Roel Crabbe. Much thanks to Patrik Niels for Recording and mastering and to Tom Van Dyck for creating the wonderful video.

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