Here is your download of the “Ancestral Healing Song”

This song is dedicated to the Ancestral realms. Roel sings in 4 layers, in the improvisational style that is common to the shamanic practice worldwide.
You can use the song for meditation, healing or the inward journey.

May it bring beauty into your life.

Artwork: “Healing Song” – Painting – by Roel Crabbe.
All voices and instruments by Roel Crabbe. Click here to Download the Ancestral Healing Song

About Roel Crabbe

Roel Crabbe has been practising shamanism since 1995 under the guidance of both traditional and Western teachers. He is personally trained and authorized to teach Shamanic journeying and shamanic healing by Sandra Ingerman, former education director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of a.o. “Soul Retrieval” & “Medicine for the Earth.”

Apart from this work, he has developed numerous own practices and facilities shamanic rituals and ceremonies for transformation and healing. He has been recognized by several traditional shamans for his ability to bring in very pure energies and tap into ancient songlines from the Spiritworld. His work with ancestral healing songs, which are often only sung once, has become an intrinsic part of his teaching and healing work.

Since 2004, Roel has taught thousands in shamanism and healing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy and France. His work has been published in publications by, among others, Bres and Change magazine.

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